Spain’s Residency Permit Program for Investors commenced in September 2013 with the introduction and passing of the new Entrepreneurs Law. There are 3 different types of qualifying investment available under the new Entrepreneur Law.

  1. €500,000 euro investment in real estate
  2. A minimum capital transfer of €1,000,000 euro into a Spanish Bank deposits or Company
  3. A €2,000,000 euro minimum purchase of Spanish debt bonds

There is an additional qualification criteria through setting up of a company and the creation of employment.

The focus of Global Citizen Realty is Spanish residency through a €500,000 investment in Spanish property.

The real estate €500,000 minimum value must be free of charges. It means that if the property has a mortgage or a seizure the amount of those charges are deducted from the price for the purpose of calculating the minimum value.

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