Cross Border Planning in form of an international project management requires a functioning and qualitatively outstanding network of excellent specialists. GLOBOGATE assembled a global and interdisciplinary network during its 20 years of managing cross border projects. The network involves mainly following types of specialists:

  • LawyersTax advisers
  • AccountantsTrustees
  • Financial experts
  • Real estate experts
  • Corporate consultants
  • Insurance experts

The network focusses on the personalities of the experts and is permanently under evaluation. So the selection of the expert for a client’s task can be made according the best advice principle and higher quality criteria.

The collaboration and maintenance of the network is secured through annual professional and social meetings (e.g. isa-congress).

Next to professional networks GLOBOGATE cultivates partnerships and collaborations with networks of luxury and facility providers servicing high class private clients (i.e. Residence National Luzern as a memeber of National Residences).