Foundation of GLOBOGATE

Globogate was founded 2001 by four lawyers from England, Germany, France and Switzerland. Initiator of the foundation was Dr. iur HSG Thomas Gehrig.


More than 100 seminars and social events

During this time period, GLOBOGATE staged more than 100 seminars and social events to the theme „Cross Border“ (e.g. in cooperation with associations, financial institutes, Chambers of Trade, Departments of Economic Affairs).

2001 bis 2007

Beste Cross Border Company

The renowned Fuchs-Verlag in Berlin rated in its report "Ausflaggen" GLOBOGATE as the best cross border company.


Initiation of the isa network

In September 2008 the key partners of the GLOBOGATE Network - initiated by Dr. iur HSG Thomas Gehrig - originated the isa-congress. Since then, every year in September a further isa-congress takes place and its network is growing from year to year.

September 2008

Cross Border Experts 2011

In cooperation with Verlag Fuchs-Briefe, Berlin GLOBOGATE evaluated and rated Germany's best cross border experts. GLOBOGATE's team member were the experts' auditing instance.


Launch of Levenues

Initiated by Dr. iur HSG Thomas Gehrig and based on his know how of managing different experts from countries all over the world, he assembled a team of soul mates and developed a social collaboration and communication platform which revolutionizes the interaction of professional advisers.

Juli 2013

September 2014

To best serve the asian Private Clients and Entrepreneurs, GLOBOGATE opened a special skilled Asia Gate

September 2014

Founding of Primecon AG

With 4 partners from our network of service providers for private clients Globogate concept AG founded Primecon AG - Private Medical Concierge to grant our clients access to high-end medicine in Germany and Switzerland.

March 2016

Launching of Kastanienbaum Care GmbH

For being able to offer customized and high quality care services to our clients Globogate concept AG launched Kastanienbaum Care GmbH in April 2016.

April 2016

Founding of Globogate-recruiting GmbH

The establishment of GLOBOGATE Recruiting GmbH was inspired, initiated and supported through the activities of Dr. ius. Urs Lustenberger as chair of the Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce and honorary consul of the Philippines. GLOBOGATE Recruiting GmbH acts as conscientious partner for German employers and guarantees the sustainable and goal-driven procurement of nurses from the Philippines.

March 2017