In order to comply with the desires and wishes of our clients regarding cross-border activities, we offer complete and integrated Cross Border Planning. With this Cross Border Planning, GLOBOGATE interacts as an interface between clients and the needed network of specialists.

International or cross-border activities presuppose a professional and integrated project management that is able to centrally select, coordinate, control and lead all specialists involved, such as lawyers, tax consultants / advisers, auditors etc from various special areas such as legal, business, taxation and other relevant matters. In this manner, the relevant know-how can be compiled as a whole unit and delivered en-bloc as a general comprehensive consulting regarding specific countries:

  • individually collection of basic data, followed by evaluation and structuring in accordance with the objectives and needs of the client and identification of interdisciplinary problems
  • constructing models and finding cross linked solutions (“designer function”)
  • compiling, instructing, coordinating, controlling and supervising the international specialist team
  • pooling of information and know-how including fine-tuning, adapting and adjusting, based on the given objectives
  • independent project management that combines all responsibilities into one single person permanently in reach for the client
  • filter function by passing on confidential client information to third parties and therefore his/her data and information will be treated with the utmost discretion