PRIMECON Primecon – Private Medical Concierge is a Swiss company that offers a full service for HNWI/UHNWI all around medical themes. GLOBOGATE initiated this project in 2015 and founded Primecon AG in March 2016 together with entrepreneurs out of the medical and Private Client sector. With the launch of this service the merged Networks of GLOBOGATE and their founding partners will be provided with this high end service whereby a strong demand of their wealthy clients can be satisfied. More about this project you can find here.


KASTANIENBAUM CARE Kastanienbaum Care is a Swiss company domiciled in Kastanienbaum/Lucerne and offers an upscale support and care service for private clients. In March 2016 GLOBOGATE foundet this company together with an experienced medical team and closes a gap in requirements for their partners and their private client network. What solutions Kastanienbaum Care offers you find here.


CAREGIVERS FROM THE PHILIPPINES The lack of nurses in the european health care system is expected or has already arrived. This forecast motivated us to activate our worldwide network. With our contacts in the Philippines we found access to best trained nurses. For this emergency situation in lack of nurses we developed solutions, particularly for Switzerland (Staigaire-Program) and Germany that we tested in 2016 with a pilot project. In March, 2017 we founded Globogate-recruiting Gmbh. More information about this project you find here.